As a 100% Aboriginal-owned business, we’re not only on a mission to protect our clients and help them fulfil their Aboriginal reconciliation targets. We’re on a mission to transform and save Indigenous lives and Empower Our Nation.

Just 3.8% of the Australian population is Indigenous. And yet…

10+ times more likely to be imprisoned.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in March 2023 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people made up almost one-third of Australia’s prison population, skyrocketing from 1 in 7 in 1992.

Four times more likely to commit suicide.

In 2018, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders aged 15-24 were almost four times more likely to commit suicide. This rate applies to Indigenous children, too

51% unemployment in 2018.

The Indigenous employment rate was 49 per cent compared to 75 per cent for non-Indigenous Australians^. Of around 33,000 apprentices in WA, only 741 were of Indigenous heritage.

Turning the tide: The Eon ripple effect.

Our strategy is simple. By recruiting, training and retaining Aboriginal people and supporting Indigenous businesses as a Supply Nation Partner, we can start to change these statistics – and lives – in a meaningful, sustainable way.

  • Our Aboriginal Engagement Officers and Mentors

    support the development and retention of our employees.

  • Our Safer Communities program

    achieves better outcomes through community engagement.

  • Higher Indigenous employment rates

    translate into lower poverty, incarceration, mortality and suicide rates.

Breaking down barriers and the cycle of inequality.

With more Aboriginal people in security and protection positions, we’re establishing positive role models for young Indigenous people. We’re challenging negative stereotypes in the business and broader community. And we’re better able to work with local communities and proactively address anti-social behaviour.

It’s a social circuit breaker and a ripple effect that’s felt by individuals, families and communities.